Saturday, October 22, 2016

My Haul From The Covered Bridge Festival

This is most of my purchases from yesterday's trip to the Covered Bridge Festival.  I also bought a Christmas gift which is not pictured. A few of my favorite booths were not there this year, at least I didn't find them. But it was a fun and profitable day. I am pleased.

It's sad that the crafters and artists are slowly leaving the CBF scene. The Covered Bridge was my opportunity to experience country life. My early childhood was spent in the inner city. I only dreamed of trees, cows, candles, home made anything. The Covered Bridge Festival allowed me to visit a time I only dreamt of.
However, I truly enjoy my yearly visit still.

This year I took the time to ask questions of a few of the venders. I was interested in their choice of electronic payment. The WIFI reception was terrible at best. The only venders using card readers were. Using the Square. I have tried using PayPal's triangke. I was surprised to learn that the Square allows offline transactions. I think I am going to switch to the Square for my future events.

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