Monday, November 21, 2016

6 Things I Learned From Saturdays Failed Fair

Saturday I attended a local  Christmas event as a vender. I was pleased with my setup which is something I have been concentrated on for sometime. My space looked GOOD. But I did not sell my products. What went wrong? This is what I learned.

1. Presentation is EVERYTHING. I will spend my off months improving my packaging of my beautiful HANDMADE products.

2. Two deminational is a hard sell. ALL of my wall art will be FRAMED.

3. Items in the back do not get seen. ALL of my novelty items will be out up front.

4. Signage is necessary.  I will make BEAUTIFUL signs that invite customers to LOOK and BUY my items.

5. LEAVE MY HEARING AIDS HOME. Every event I have attended has been LOUD. My aids let in all the noise - very uncomfortable for me.

6. Get a good night's sleep the night before.  It will be a LONG day.

I am determined not to be discouraged.  I have a few months to regroup for next year.


  1. would be a good idea to attend other events just like that one and watch what IS selling. Who is successful? What is the booth set up? How do other people set up in a space like yours? Lots of photos of things like your cards on facebook and your blog would be good idea too. I know it is hard to get it all one, then promote, then organize, move it and show up lookin good and happy! One step at a time! You've got a great attitude, keep moving forward!

  2. Thanks , Julie. I did walk around and look at the orher booths. I niticed that very few were pure arts/craft venders.