Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nothing is going as Planned

I am having a boat load of problems posting this weeks post. From odd things taking me away from my computer, to my phone not uploading my entire post today. So I am forced to doing it again. I planned to post a videoed tutorial (that will have to wait until Friday now.) but I will have to settle with showing you a card made with my new art tool, a geli pad

This afternoon I found myself stressing and I took that as an excuse to try out my new geli pad. I made a few prints and then decided to try my had at making a card with one of my designed papers. This design was my favorite. I even tried my hand at zentangling in the spaces. I am thrilled. I will deffinately be adding to my card stash.

 I am going to be at the Covington Christmas Fair on November 19. The craft fair is open from 9:00 am Indiana time till 3:00 pm.  I will have new things to sell including my new geli/zentangle cards. 

A word out to my Bible Art Journaling Group. We will have a road trip to Creek Bank Creations in Perrysville for our last group next week. We will leave the library at 1:00 pm Central time. You may shop and still have time to get back for your children after school. I am excited that Julie Creek  has made it possible to shop. Thank you Julie. We have enjoyed using the products that you so graciously leant us. We appreciate your giving heart.

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